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                Company Presentation


                Company Presentation




                Die Simulation


                Tooling Design

                  Quality Control  


                  Company Presentation

                    Wuxi  Joohe Die Co,.Ltd. founded in October 2012 is located at prosperous industrial park of Wuxi Shuofang, focusing on automotive industry, only 8 KM to Wuxi International Airport. Joohe provides the optimal design solution and good dies for global customers.

                    The core team in Joohe has over 10 years experience in automotive stamping toolings, who is skilled in study of best-in-class die design solutions and lays emphasis on APQP project tracking system. Joohe always keeps “good service for customers” in mind , whose hardwork and professional technique make the foundation of business extending and good reputation increasingly powerful .

                    Joohe is dedicated to meet customers’ requirements . Qualified toolings and thoughtful service make Joohe obtain more and more trust and praise in automotive stamping and tooling field .

                    Joohe has the complete after-sale service system, so the problems can be solved promptly in home line support. Joohe is a rising star, trying its best to develop technique, staff, equipment and quality. It can get further achievement in this field and realize mutual benefit with customers gradually.


                Facility:3000 ㎡ 

                Capacity: 50 progressive dies and 10 transfer dies per year Employee:40


                 Add:No.12, Yu An Road,Shuofang New District, Wuxi, China  Tel:  +86 510-88589055   Fax: +86 510-88589066 
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